It’s Always Football Season

I’ve been coaching football for over thirty years. Invariably, at the conclusion of our schedule, I always have good intentioned folks ask me what I’m going to do now that football season is over. I slowly look down…. shake my head….and reply with a wry smile that it’s always football season.

Just because the games are over doesn’t mean that we hibernate until next fall. It’s important to evaluate the recently completed game schedule: what we did wrong and what went right, try to figure out why games were won or lost, who improved and did well, who didn’t, and most importantly, why.

What can we do differently, what must we do differently, and what will it take to get us where we want to go? We attend clinics, look to purchase new equipment, and prepare our staff and players for the challenges of our next schedule.

It’s really no different than running a business. When our “busy” season concludes, we don’t just stay warm, stoke the fire, and wait until next spring to arrive. We evaluate what went well, what jobs we had issues with, and how to eliminate those issues for future orders. We look at our equipment and facilities and see what needs to be repaired, replaced, or added. We attend trade shows to keep current on trends, new ideas, equipment and processes. We contact suppliers, old and new, and try to learn how we can ultimately serve our clients better.

It’s nothing more than education…an ongoing process. We have invested time and money in attending trade shows and conferences, seminars, webinars, and training. We read constantly
via trade magazines and web based forums and articles. We have learned over the past five decades we have been in business that nothing can be taken for granted.

Past orders and clients are no guarantee for future success. Just because we’ve won one job or customer doesn’t mean we’ve already won the next one. It’s imperative that we always stay focused and prepare for the next encounter.

Sometimes things goes wrong with an order and it costs money to make it right for the client. Sometimes you lose out on a bid for a job that you worked hard trying to secure.

The good thing is that like football, there’s another opportunity coming up where success is waiting. And we are always thankful for that.

Thanks for reading.


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