Where’s the Drive-Up Window?

You’re hungry and in a hurry. You go to the drive-up window and order a burger… “Cheeseburger with lettuce, no pickles, small fry and a large Coke.” You pick it up within a minute or two and have it your way, or so you think. In fact, with pre-cooked burgers and a limited number of condiments, you can really only have it “Their Way.”

Not so when it comes to custom t-shirts.

Sure, most customers have a pretty good idea of what they want. However, there are times when we are given a general concept and are required to develop that concept into a unique logo or design. Frequently when we are given artwork, the image is nothing more than a penciburgerfriesl drawing. We often get electronic files that have to be completely redone because they are unusable in the format in which they were generated. When we finally have artwork for the client to review, we often make changes, and even occasionally start from scratch with a completely different concept. And then the approval stage begins again.

Once the artwork is finally approved, it has to then be color separated. The image is divided into like areas of the same ink color. For example, if we are printing an American flag on a grey t-shirt, we need three separate files – one each for red, white, and blue. If we are printing that same design on a black shirt, we may need a fourth screen – an underbase white. By printing our colors on top of a white base, we ensure that the colors will be bright and vibrant as opposed to being muted from being printed on a dark surface.

This is only the beginning of the artwork process. It takes time, talent, knowledge and experience to provide quality art that not only looks good but makes our customers look good too. It is unfortunate that there is no drive up window when it comes to creating customer approved artwork. However, we are privileged to have talented people who will ensure that every customer will receive every order “Their way!” And for that we are truly thankful.

Thanks for reading.


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