I should’ve had a V8!

I’m sure many of you remember (and many of you don’t) the television commercial where the main character exclaims after drinking a different beverage …. “I should’ve had a V8!”

V8 is a blended drink of vegetables and fruit. Apparently the person in the commercial had a previous positive experience with the product, but just didn’t think of it at the time. He realized after the fact that there was something better out there than what he had just consumed.

If he didn’t think a V8 was any good, he might have said ”aaahhh…that’s better than a V8”. But that’s not what happened. He was just distracted, or for whatever reason, forgot that there was something better available. Why did the individual in the commercial not remember how much he enjoyed a V8, even though he acknowledges by his comment that he would have prefered it?

How often has that happened to you, or even worse, happened to a customer of yours? The expression “out of sight, out of mind” registers at this moment.

We often take for granted that our customers will think of us when they need a product or service that we have previously provided for them. We assume that they were satisfied with our efforts and will just contact us when ready to place a re-order. We are very disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

What is even more painful to realize is that we could have provided a product or service to our customer, something they ordered from someone else, had they known we had the ability to do so.

It is imperative to keep our name in front of our customers. We must constantly remind them of what we have done for them in the past, inform them about our current and new capabilities, and let them know that their business is wanted and valued. We have to keep them aware of how beneficial it will be for them to work with us, all without constantly barraging them with phone calls, emails, texts, sales calls, etc.

The simple, cost effective way to do so is with Promotional Products.

The current idiom is SWAG – “stuff we all get”. Trinkets and novelties are somewhat disparaging terms, ad specialties not quite as much, but the idea is to get your name in front of those who make decisions.

Do you have a logoed pen on your desk, a calendar…yes a paper calendar or planner, with an imprinted logo? Is there a favorite t-shirt or hat in your wardrobe, or do you have a favorite coffee cup, all with a logo or message on them? How often do you see those logos and think favorably of the company or individual that gave you that item? If you did not have a positive impression from those products, you wouldn’t still have them.

Promotional products keep your name and your company’s name in the forefront with your clients and customers. They have a special significance because you personally sent or gave that item to the individual to whom it was intended. It wasn’t randomly pulled from a bin, or haphazardly left behind. It’s a way to leave a message that says “Thank you for your business…call me whenever I can help you out.”

…and isn’t that something we want to tell to all our customers?

Thanks for reading.


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